Reclamation of Hinduism
Religion is the backbone of the Hindu race. It is in the sphere of religion and spirituality that the Hindus outshine all other races. However, under the charms and spells of our modernised world, we have forgotten our true identity. Despite having the latest gadgets in hand, more than 80% Hindus in Malaysia do not have any religious knowledge.


Lack of religious education is one of the factors that affect every aspects of life of the Hindu community. Many primitive practices like animal sacrifice, black magic, worship of spirits etc., are still in vogue. Those who are ignorant of the teachings of Hinduism, often fall prey to manipulation by impostors in the garb of holy men. The socially and economically underprivileged Hindus also are often 'converted' to other religions, either through promise of love or cash. Often families are broken, leaving the teenagers as a burden to the society. Therefore, religious education is the crying need of the Hindus.


The Hindu youths need exposure to the glorious heritage of Hinduism. With pride in our rich past heritage and trained at the same time in modern scientific thought, our youth should begin to investigate why our community as a whole is unable to attain to and retain the zenith of excellence in the arts and sciences and various other fields of knowledge that it had reached in the past, and how it can reclaim its past glory.


The idea to construct a Hindu College in Malaysia was conceived by MHS a decade ago. Back in the 1990's, a land belonging to the Jeganathar Ashram in Tapah, Perak was donated to MHS. In 2006, MHS initiated the construction of Hindu College on this rural land. Facing many hurdles to obtain vacant possession from the several trespassers and to convert the land from agricultural land to religious use has taken up almost a decade. Now, the land is ready for the construction of the Hindu College.




To conduct training for religious teachers, Othuvars and temple administrators; and to provide basic Hinduism knowledge with the objective of promoting spiritual growth among Malaysian Hindus.



To become the premier Hindu educational institution in Malaysia.


Ø  To offer certificates and Diploma courses in Hinduism and allied subjects.

Ø   To train the trainers and teachers of Hinduism and allied subjects.

Ø  To train Thirumurai Othuvars and Thirumurai teachers.

Ø  To be a resource centre for Hinduism and allied subjects.


The Target Group

  1. Hindus who are interested to study Hinduism and Indian Yoga and Fine arts.
  2. School leavers who aspire to be preachers, Thirumurai/music/dance teachers.


01 - Front left (Arial view)  02 - Front right (Arial view)  03 - Back left (Arial view)
04 - Back right (Arial view)  05 - Back (Ground view)  06/07 - Front (Ground view)


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor


The Estimated Project Cost


Phase 1 - Building and Construction
The construction of buildings and associated infrastructures on this two and half acre land is expected to be complete by end of 2016. The ground floor will have a large column free, multipurpose hall to accommodate 400 people, a general office, toilets, and two units of living quarters. The first floor will have eight classrooms of various sizes and the third floor will have hostels to accommodate about ninety students. The existing Jeganathar Ashram in the adjoining land will be renovated to be a retreat and meditation centre.The estimated cost of construction is RM11, 500,000.00.



Building an educational institution is a monumental task. Other than buildings and infrastructures, well-structured course modules, qualified teachers, teaching aids, an efficient administration and many more are required. The estimated cost for setting up the faculties and other operational costs requires another RM10 million.




Hinduism has a great deal to contribute towards the spiritual health of the modern world. Its inherent pluralistic teachings offer the best resolution to how people of different religions can co-exist peacefully in a multi-faith society. Hinduism even allows for spirituality to be explored in non-religious modes, making teachings relevant and interesting for the youth of today.

The establishment of the Hindu College in Tapah, Perak will set a milestone in the reclamation of Hinduism in South East Asia. It will be our good fortune if this can be realised within the next three years.


Malaysia Hindu Sangam seeks the goodwill, blessings and generous donations from the Hindu community to bring the Hindu College into operation. If you care for our religion, then, this is the time to show it with your generous support.


'Never mind if your contribution is only a mite, your help only a little; blades of grass united into a rope will hold in confinement the maddest of elephants...'

Indian proverb