Welfare & Social Development





To formulate and implement a master plan by the end of 2015, for the regulated establishment and legal functioning of temples, to address all manpower issues connected with temples, and rollout the Vithyalayaa pre-school model, so that they may function as model community temples



  1. Develop a social intervention model for high-risk areas based on strengthening and completing the 7 pilot projects in Selangor
    • Educate and address the needs of schoolchildren/youth in high-risk communities targeting family support and wellness - working with weaker students, focusing on school syllabus (except for school holidays)
    • Building good values and self-esteem through courses and discussion groups (holiday programmes)
    • Placement of school leavers in relevant courses and apprenticeships/skill work.
  2. Roll-out the model in all identified high-risk communities throughout the country
    • Strengthen and consolidate endeavours in existing 7 areas in Selangor (by identifying and addressing weaknesses) before roll-out
    • Comprehensive document to serve as a roll-out model blue print.




To cover at least 50% of identified high risk communities by implementing welfare programmes to establish and develop a centre of guidance that provides access to welfare & social support services, for Hindus through temples and Hindu Organisations, by the end of 2015



  1. Initiating a welfare & social support framework at MHS
    • Set-up a social & welfare service desk at MHS HQ;
    • Creating of national data base of welfare & social support providers;
    • Creating awareness on the services among Hindus
    • Identifying funding requirements & sources available
  2. Roll-out of service desks nationwide through MHS branches around the country
    • Linkage developed, followed up and monitored as national roll-out carried out
    • Publicizing the availability and the roles of the service desk to local communities where the district branches are located
    • Further compilations in national database of welfare and social support providers