To formulate and implement a master plan by the end of 2015, for the regulated establishment and legal functioning of temples, to address all manpower issues connected with temples, and rollout the Vithyalayaa pre-school model, so that they may function as model community temples



  1. Development of comprehensive national database on temples
  2. Formulation of national policy on the establishment and legal functioning of temples, to be used as a basis for the promotion of temples' agenda at the national level, as well as resolution of any issues related to the same.
  3. Formulation of national policy to comprehensively address all manpower development to meet the needs of Malaysian Hindu temples
  4. Manual on transforming temples into community temples
  5. Rollout of Hindu Vithyalayaa Community Pre-school (HVCP) model in 250 temples throughout the country
  6. Annual temples' conference to address current issues




To facilitate temples to effectively conduct the following Hindu Festivals annually: Thirumurai, Nanneri, Thiruppugal, Ramayana etc



  1. Develop a national Hindu Festival Calendar
  2. Establish guide lines for temples to follow when celebrating the festivals
  3. Establish national/state level committees to liaise with temples on organizing the festivals
  4. Provide training to temple officials on all matters related to the Hindu Festivals
  5. Equip temples with materials and literature on conducting festivals



To facilitate the mobilization of Hindu Organizations to support community oriented activities undertaken by temples



  1. Development of comprehensive national database on Hindu Organizations
  2. Identify the strength and resources of the respective Hindu Organisations
  3. Develop linkages with the above Hindu Organisations and act as their secretariat in providing community support to the temples
  4. Publicize the availabilities of such services provided by temples and Hindu organisation