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Project 1H - 1R


An Appeal to All Hindus

For the past 50 years, we have been striving for recognition as the apex body representing the Hindus in Malaysia. Now the time to achieve this has come! We appeal to all Hindus to help us in our effort. 


Does it not make you pause and think of the ignorant state of the Hindus in this country? Though, each Hindu is an heir to the wisdoms of the Sanadana Dharma, the Eternal Religion, they stand mute like fools, unable to speak one wise word in defence of our religion. Even in this age of information, our Hindu are cheated by charlatans who make a living out of religion.


Does it not strike you with shame when our gods and goddess are belittled by those who are mere children in the face of civilisation, and we could not answer them about the need and philosophy of idol worship? And does it not prick your conscience, to feel and to rectify the immorality and corrupted values among our youth?


If it does, then come and lend us a helping hand.


This is what we have to do now – extensive propagation of Hinduism and protecting the religious rights and interests of the Hindus! We must ensure that every Hindu in this country KNOW Hinduism. We want to ensure, that no mother has to shed tears for her child who has been converted without her knowledge or consent. We want to ensure that no Hindu has to lose his or her religion for a morsel of rice. We want to ensure that no Hindu is duped by miracle-mongers who trade our religion.



As a first step, we have completed a survey on the Hindu temples and listed more than 2,240 temples and shrines in the National Hindu Temples Database ( Next, we are going full swing to turn the temples into a community development centres focusing on the propagation of Hinduism to all strata of the Hindu community.


We have embarked on a pilot project to conduct free Hindu preschools for children from poor socioeconomic background. To date, we have 25 preschools nationwide. We have also started religious classes in primary and secondary schools.


The need of a dynamic academic force is essential. Therefore, we have initiated the construction of a Hindu Academy in Tapah to train religious teachers. These teachers will be sent to schools, temples, prisons, and community centres to impart religious knowledge.


For all these projects and many more, we need funds. If you care for our religion, then, this is the time for you to show it with your generous donation. As aptly put by Swami Vivekananda, “Never mind if your contribution is only a mite, your help only a little; blades of grass united into a rope will hold in confinement the maddest of elephants...”


You may choose to help MHS by providing your monetary donation for one or more activities among the below listed details :-

  • Religious Propagation
  • Hindu College at Tapah
  • Thirumurai Competition
  • Hindu Preschool
  • Welfare & Education Funds
  • Library / Bookstore  
  • Office / Building Maintenance


Online donation is now available. Please click here


Akshaya Patra Project



As a part of our Welfare programme, we have initiated the Akshaya Patra Project in temples under the umbrella of MHS. An Akshaya Patra or large container (plastic or cardboard box) will be kept within the temple precinct. Devotees who wish to donate any dried food items can leave the food in this container. These dried foods then will be collected and distributed to the needy families around the temple.



The recipients are mainly single mothers, elderly people who has no family support and families with low income. They will be identified by MHS Local Council members.


Dried foods (with long shelf life) which you may donate are:

  • Milk powder, Coffee/Milo/Tea powder
  • Rice
  • Dhall and other grains
  • Packet noodles or other vegetarian dried food


Through this Project, we want to ensure that no Hindu will suffer of hunger. As the saying goes, “An empty stomach is not good for religion”. Let us first feed our poor Hindus before preach them religion.


(List of participating temples.)