The Way Forward


The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) was conducted in a grand scale on 23 and 24 January 2015. The Motto for the celebration is the leonine call of Swami Vivekananda: “Be and make!”


The idea behind this is that if you want to see changes in the world, the first step is to change yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world and people around you. If you are unhappy with current society, corruption, suffering and want to do something to remove all these, don’t try to create new systems, don't complain, don't criticize but CHANGE YOURSELF. Only thing you have control is on yourself. Change yourself: Your character, your attitude, your goals and your ideals. Transform yourself first and then world will change inspired by you. If you can't keep your house clean, how can you keep the city clean? All the challenges that we face now, everything can be faced if everyone imbibe the spirit of Service and follow the motto ‘Be and Make’.


The next 50 years, MHS will undergo critical changes. We want to take MHS to the next level of development, where excellence will be given priority. It is time to adopt corporate approach in conducting our business. This requires the change of mindset and attitude. We have to wipe out jealousy and suspicions from our life. It is this jealousy and suspicions of their own people which made the Hindus slave to invaders and conquerors.


To bring new life and change of mindset, MHS will introduce new programmes to reach to the grass root level. It is befitting that we started the 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Diksha Camp for boys. 140 boys participated in this programme. This will mark the next level of MHS where, we will focus on giving every Hindu an identity. Every Hindu in Malaysia must be able to say proudly that ‘I am a Hindu’. Pride will come when we know our religion.


MHS also will now onwards pay more attention to youth and children. Some of the programmes which we have planned are:

  1. Diksha Camp
  2. Vedic Family Camp
  3. Dharma for Juniors
  4. The Vivekananda Quiz
  5. A Thousand Words Short Story Competition
  6. Best Temples Contest

For more details on our programmes, please contact us.