We urge all the Hindu temples to conduct a special prayer on Friday, 25 July 2014.


Since the beginning of the year, Malaysia is facing several mishaps. First, the lost MH370 shook the country. Before, we could recover from this lost, now, the unfortunate tragedy of MH17 has plunged the country in gloom.


Therefore, we humbly request all the temples to conduct a special prayer for the passengers who lost their life. As July 25th is the second Friday of the month; we request the temples to conduct this special prayer.


Let us offer our sincere prayers for the departed souls.


Yours in the Lord,





Upon signing a memorandum with Hong Leong Assurance and Pacific Insurance, MHS also officially launched its group insurance policies. All Hindu Sangam Life Members (LMI) from age 18 to 64 are entitled to purchase this insurance.


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MHS also has launched its own product – the Havis Ghee. Earlier, Mr Khanna Simmathiri and Mr Senthil Nathan of KSJaya Traders has signed the agreement with MHS National President, Datuk Mohan Shan PMW.,JMW.,AMK.,BKM.,PJK..


The Havis Ghee will be sold in two sizes, 800g tin and a pail of 15kg at the lowest price in the market. MHS encourage all the temples to use the Havis Ghee which is made of pure ghee from New Zealand. The ghee can be used for prayer as well as cooking.


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"Men may be divided into four classes: those bound by the fetters of the world, the seekers after liberation, the liberated, and the ever-free. 


"Among the ever-free we may count sages like Narada.  They live in the world for the good of others, to teach men spiritual truth. 


"Those in bondage are sunk in worldliness and forgetful of God.  Not even by mistake do they think of God. 


"The seekers after liberation want to free themselves from attachment to the world.  Some of them succeed and others do not. 


"The liberated souls, such as the sadhus and mahatmas, are not entangled in the world, in 'woman and gold'.  Their minds are free from worldliness.  Besides, they always meditate on the Lotus Feet of God. 


"Suppose a net has been cast into a lake to catch fish.  Some fish are so clever that they are never caught in the net.  They are like the ever-free.  But most of the fish are entangled in the net.  Some of them try to free themselves from it, and they are like those who seek liberation.  But not all the fish that struggle succeed.  A very few do jump out of the net, making a big splash in the water.  Then the fishermen shout, 'Look! There goes a big one!' But most of the fish caught in the net cannot escape, nor do they make any effort to get out.  On the contrary, they burrow into the mud with the net in their mouths and lie there quietly, thinking, 'We need not fear any more; we are quite safe here.' But the poor things do not know that the fishermen will drag them out with the net.  These are like the men bound to the world. 


"The bound souls are tied to the world by the fetters of 'woman and gold'.  They are bound hand and foot.  Thinking that 'woman and gold' will make them happy and give them security, they do not realize that it will lead them to annihilation.  When a man thus bound to the world is about to die, his wife asks, 'You are about to go; but what have you done for me?' Again, such is his attachment to the things of the world that, when he sees the lamp burning brightly, he says: 'Dim the light.  Too much oil is being used.' And he is on his death-bed!


"The bound souls never think of God.  If they get any leisure they indulge in idle gossip and foolish talk, or they engage in fruitless work.  If you ask one of them the reason, he answers, 'Oh, I cannot keep still; so I am making a hedge.' When time hangs heavy on their hands they perhaps start playing cards."


(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)